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Day 1 Detox: 
Introduction, benefits, possible effects, Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner suggested beverages, Yoga poses, Breathing and guided meditation

Day 2 Detox: 
Recipes for Three meals, Beverages, Yoga Poses, Breathing and meditation

Day 3 Detox:
Winding down. recipes for three meals, Yoga Poses, Breath

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The Founders

Our Origins

Manju & Prashant Joshi


Manju Joshi, M.A. (Sanskrit and Yoga, minor in Psychology)Gold medalist, E RYT-500, Holistic Health Coach, Ayurveda Educator is a scholar and a researcher who has brought Yoga into Continuing Education Programs in universities, public schools, and health & fitness centers since 1991.

Prashant Joshi M.A., M.Phil, ERYT is a computer scientist and an electrical engineer and has been an IT Industry management leader for the past 25+ years. He has introduced Yoga-principles in the academic and corporate world at all levels of management. He has brought Yoga to the Tennis courts, executive board-rooms, mental health facilities and senior centers. He is an invited motivational speaker and an avid tennis player. Manju and Prashant Joshi are Co-founders of Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center, A Science of Living Institution

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