Love is Still the best weapon!

All the sages ans seers  urge us to cultivate pure love for self elevation.  People often become dry, indifferent or violent due to the lack of love in their lives. Lack of love for  oneself translates into lack of love for others. 

 History shows over and over again that eye for an eye never worked well. Only pure love wins. In the world which is seemingly getting more and more violent every day,  Love still remains the best weapon. 

Many Yoga teachers are getting involved in prison reform  program, where people learn to heal and cultivate self love.

One small step  to cultivating self love:  simply hug yourself tightly and repeat , 'I love myself'. 

Initially, it may feel fake, but over the  time one may start resonating with it

Laughter is still the best medicine!

Laughter is contagious, healing and uplifting. Just listen to a baby giggling and you will start giggling for new reason! Laughter happens only when one is exhaling. Exhalation = relaxation.  

Exhaling reduces the pressure on heart and relaxes the facial muscles. Laughter stimulates the 'happy hormones' in the brain, which accelerate the healing process.

Even artificial laughter can create the same effects on the brain. Try a good belly laugh and experience it yourself!

Life is still about please and thank you!

Have you noticed that everyone is at the edge, crancky or irritated all the time? That we are forgetting our basic manners or politeness ? That we expect others to be polite yet forget the same thing when it's our turn? May be we are wired all the time to our gadgets. We may feel connected to the outer world through the social media yet losing the human interaction.

Let's not forget that we are humans with live energy. That we need to interact with each other with love and respect.

 That life is beautiful and simple. That the words 'please' and ' thank you' have powerful healing energy!

Thank you for reading!


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