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A Yogini Welomes You

Welcome to Food Yogini!

We often eat out of need, enjoyment or habit. Rarely do we think food as a tool to get enlightened. According to Yogic wisdom, no yogic practice is complete or even fruitful without the proper diet. In fact wrong food choices are often considered as obstacles in the positive life experience.

In today’s world, we are bombarded with the advertisement of attractive yet junk or ‘food like’ things. We eat these advertised food thinking that it will make us happy, just like the people in the ads. These food products are often prepared with tons of chemicals, synthetic food colors and GMO products. The result is an epidemic of various diseases including diabetes, heart conditions, digestive problems or even cancers.

Food Yogini is here to help you make delicious, conscious and nutritious food choices along with eco-friendly products for you and your entire family. Let us claim our health back and support the local/ecofriendly producers.

Let’s learn about our food and step on the path of enlightenment!

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